Lauras Wholesome Junk Food Cookies - Oatmeal Chocolate Chip - 7 oz - case of 6

Laura's WJF healthy cookies were created with healthy snacking in mind for everyday people. Customers taste the difference, because our philosophy is this: we make our healthy cookies like we're making them for family and friends. Each healthy cookie at Laura's WJF reflects the real life experiences of Dr. Laura - from her own childhood, to her experiences with real people facing obstacles to eating healthy. How did our Oatmeal Chocolate Chip bite-lette originate? Dr. Laura tells the story of how this healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie was created:"As a kid, I did not eat the regular chocolate chip cookies that people are familiar with. My grandma raised six kids on a farm, so she made a healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie that was part energy and part snack. It was very filling, and everything we ate always had the whole grain. When I was thinking about what flavor of healthy cookie to make when I first started my company, I naturally thought of my grandma's healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. I'm a soft cookie person, so I wanted something soft and chewy. I had read somewhere that there are different taste areas in the mouth, and I wanted to create a healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie that had interesting flavors, so I added a hint of orange oil (a sour taste) to balance out the sweet and add a surprise."
  • Dairy Free

Length: 10.10 inch X Width: 5.20 inch X Length: 8.80 inch X
Sold in case of: 6 items

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